[hackerspaces] Synchronous Hackathon #2

Blackhold blackholdmailer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 01:27:48 CET 2010

> - (Sound)
> Blackhold: I've seen you at the Mad Hack making a live radio from the
> event, would you like to do the same during a Hackathon?
> Do you know someone music during the weekend?

this is radio#hckrs, radio hackmeeting, yes, I'm there, but the people
who we do all together the program are really freak! all they tell is
really funny, I'm a little bit more bored :P but what we will do when
we stream audio is to put music, and sometime tell what we are doing.

these first 3 hackathons were for working on the hackerspace, but next
week we enter to new stage of let know to people what we do in the
hackerspace through activities, the first one is a freak movie
sessions each friday, and then a roundtable to discuss a topic related
to movie, we will record these roundtables and maybe we will stream
into the hackathon.
maybe we will create a more ordered program, 'cause our hacklab, till
now, worked on completly chaos, there was lot of work, but now the
main work is done.

maybe some projects will appear, 'cause here there are lot of freaks
and we found that visits us lots of people, in the last one, in
saturday we were about 12-14 humans!

the 4th for the 19-21 february? ;)



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