[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Wed Jan 13 23:12:56 CET 2010

Far McKon wrote:
> And I don't think a single person on this list *ever* (just scowered
> the back log) said this should be centrally controlled or managed, so
> I think everyone saying 'this should be distributed' (me included)
> are in violent agreement.  Can we mark that line of discussion as
> 'agreed on' and drop it?

> Thoughts? Feedback?

I would like to add that a project being useless has never been a good
reason to drop it, in my humble opinion ;-)

I think it would be cool to implement a social-network-esque thing for
hackers, if nothing else, to see how it could be abused and how it would
epically fail.

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