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Steve Clement steve at localhost.lu
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Nick Farr (hackerspaces.org) wrote:
> For the *moment*, I'm going to have to side with Enki on this one.
> However, more data is necessary.

True indeed, but never forget, one family one dream...

> I consider myself fortunate that I've been welcomed by every
> hackerspace I've visited.  In cases where I didn't have a direct
> friendship with another hackerspace, I was introduced by a friend
> before my visit and have always been received very warmly.
> I know many others have had similar experiences, but this may not be
> universal.  So I ask:
> 1) Has anyone here been refused access or admission to another hackerspace?

Not refused as such, but an awkward look was given to us (4 Luxembourg
Hackers) when we Rocked into C-Base to "check out" their space.

We kindly introduced ourselves as fellow Hackers and that we didn't want
to bother anyone and just wanted inspiration for our space.

The response was pretty cold hearted:

"Well, we are not a Zoo and do not peak around the corner, that's Private"

We honestly didn't fancy to insist and did understand too that it was
Congress time (yep this was during 26C3)

So I guess there is a time and place for everything and we just had a
bad timing and maybe (especially if you have a lot of members) the
unfortunate chance to meet a "grumpy" member.

> 2) Has anyone here been unable to reach a friend or contact at another
> hackerspace they've wanted to visit?

Well, funny you ask :) I was in Budapest last week and the main barrier
was the Language :) my Hungarian sucks BUT as there a 2 listed spaces, I
had made contact to the second space and they helped me find the first :)

I was warmly welcomed by H.A.C.K in Budapest and the first person to use
their NEWLY installed doorbell!

All other spaces 'I visited was a very similar scenario, in Noisebridge
I even helped myself to browse their Library and obviously that was fine
(excellence does go a far way)

> Perhaps understanding the limitations of the current system (i.e.
> informal introductions) would help shape a more effective proposal
> for...dare I say it, Hackerspaces 2.0?

Limitations? The only limitations are the ones you are setting
yourselves I guess.

We at syn2cat have welcomed the fine folks from HackerSpace Brussels
(obviously they could sleep in our space)

LeKernel (/tmp/lab) crashed on my couch for a few days.

Neither of which we/I never met in my life. But the way they approached
us/me was proof enough that you can trust them and why not grant them
access to make their stay more pleasant? (And I read their posts etc, so
they were not really strangers, and worst case you can do a research on
the web about that person, but that is one paranoid vortex I don't want
to get sucked in to)

After all they are not going to move in, just stay a week or maybe even
two, so let's hack together have some fun and we'll see each other in
their space.

But I have to be honest, in being open in that kind of way I do somehow
expect the same behaviour from my peer-movements. But will be
understanding if reason asks for it.

As I offered this to our Hungarian friends and others, let's make it
more "official":

If you happen to pass through Luxembourg (Europe) to get some
cigarettes, gas or try to evade Taxes, stop by at our Hackerspace!



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