[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Olle Jonsson olle.jonsson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 00:08:47 CET 2010

>> 1) Has anyone here been refused access or admission to another hackerspace?
> "Well, we are not a Zoo and do not peak around the corner, that's Private"

+1 with precisely that experience. I thought that door might lead to a
lavatory, but was promptly guided out. "Members only."

Openness is quite difficult. Here is a little reflection on that:

Tonight, we had a super-success with people just pouring in, like a
quiet rock concert, to see a RepRap in action. Standing room only. A
short talk was done (over when I arrived).

Most of the people left after the demo was concluded. I didn't get to
shake many new hands, we didn't really create a "social space" where
people should do something (say, introduce themselves, and tell the
world a new idea, or write their email address down on a list, or
donate in a box). There is a lesson in there, to be learned, I guess.

To the new people, none of us regulars were approachable, we didn't
look any different from the rest of the visitors. No badges, no
special hats.


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