[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Deech deech at ninjacow.net
Fri Jan 8 01:40:12 CET 2010

At our meeting the other night, (and, for that matter, on several less
formal occasions) we tossed around the ideal of reciprocal memberships
among Hackerspaces in the US (and Internationally, if it worked out
that way).

Basically, if you're a member in good standing at your local
Hackerspace, it'd be awesome if that gained you a membership in any
other Hackerspace you may be near, visiting or vacationing by.

This doesn't mean that everyone gains automatic full membership privs,
however your group may define them (for instance, our full members get
keys, which we probably wouldn't want to hand out to anyone who walked
off the street and said they were part of another space), but it seems
like it'd be a good community thing for the groups with spaces to
offer access for visiting hackers.

We tossed around what this would look like and had a few ideas, but
really, it's going to look like whatever we as a community decide it
looks like.

So, to kick it off, we, that is, Arch Reactor of St. Louis, are
willing to offer access and workshop/space usage to any other
Hackerspace member in good standing of any Hackerspace that's willing
to reciprocate the privilege to our members.
Our only caveat is that the reciprocating group must actually be
established, that is, actually have their own space to reciprocate
with. :) (in whatever state that space may be, we're not going to
exclude startups, as long as you have an actual location, we might
want to show up and help you get going!).

What does everyone else think?

Director of Space, Time and Awesome
Arch Reactor St. Louis

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