[hackerspaces] March Madness Challenge

Fair Use Building And Research Labs general at fubarlabs.com
Fri Feb 12 20:06:18 CET 2010

What's FUBAR Labs <http://fubarlabs.com>? We're your neighborhood
recently-started New Jersey based
hackerspace. This is a challenge we're giving to all of our members,
and local hackerspaces for a fun productive March... Here's the note I sent
out to our members <http://fubarlabs.com/2010/02/march-madness-challenge/>:

I hereby challenge all of you.

The challenge?

One program. Every. Day.

For all of March.

The Language? Any. I don’t care if you use a magnetic needle to flip
bits on a hard drive. The Platform? Everything – hell if you can get
your Dog to say hello world it’ll count.

The rules:
1. You need to write one program, every day. Duh. Any language. You
can not duplicate functionality. This means a Hello World in Java is
fine, but don’t go and make a Hello World in Python afterward.
2. You need to post the code online. If it’s an embedded project, post
a picture/video of it working. Post it online on your hackerspace site
or on a personal blog! Share it with the world.  Our code will be going up
on http://fubarlabs.com
3. Deadlines for other hackerspaces doesn't matter that much, but try
to post your stuff before midnight to count as "for that day".

That’s it for rules, but… challenge yourself. The “complexity” of
the code is difficult to judge. There is no rule saying you can’t just
be clever with LEDs every day. But do something new, challenge
yourself. There’s no way to regulate this.

Who’s gonna take this on with me?

Let's roll,

Keith Chester
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