[hackerspaces] March Madness Challenge

Alexandre Girard alx.girard at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 10:50:15 CET 2010

I'm in!

http://tetalab.org I'll get a page ready to display the code each day :)

Keep in touch,


On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Fair Use Building And Research Labs
<general at fubarlabs.com> wrote:
> What's FUBAR Labs? We're your neighborhood recently-started New Jersey based
> hackerspace. This is a challenge we're giving to all of our members,
> and local hackerspaces for a fun productive March... Here's the note I sent
> out to our members:
> ~~~
> I hereby challenge all of you.
> The challenge?
> One program. Every. Day.
> For all of March.
> The Language? Any. I don’t care if you use a magnetic needle to flip
> bits on a hard drive. The Platform? Everything – hell if you can get
> your Dog to say hello world it’ll count.
> The rules:
> 1. You need to write one program, every day. Duh. Any language. You
> can not duplicate functionality. This means a Hello World in Java is
> fine, but don’t go and make a Hello World in Python afterward.
> 2. You need to post the code online. If it’s an embedded project, post
> a picture/video of it working. Post it online on your hackerspace site
> or on a personal blog! Share it with the world.  Our code will be going up
> on http://fubarlabs.com
> 3. Deadlines for other hackerspaces doesn't matter that much, but try
> to post your stuff before midnight to count as "for that day".
> That’s it for rules, but… challenge yourself. The “complexity” of
> the code is difficult to judge. There is no rule saying you can’t just
> be clever with LEDs every day. But do something new, challenge
> yourself. There’s no way to regulate this.
> Who’s gonna take this on with me?
> Let's roll,
> Keith Chester
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