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Hey folks, I'm making a vaccuform machine this weekend, and I'm looking
forward to working on the open door hackathon.  What are you gonna do this

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> On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 2:49 AM, Matt Joyce <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:
> > [...]
> > And I really do want to know how you plan to argue that the fall of the
> > soviet union and consequently the berlin wall...  was non violent.
> i. “consequently” indicates a consequence, ie A ... and consequently
> ... B means A => B.
> ii. If we draw a timeline with the two following events:
> f(BW) the fall of the Berlin wall
> f (USSR) the fall of the Soviet Union
> it would be something line ------------------------ f(BW)
> ------------- f(USSR) ------------->
> --------------------------------------------------------- 1989-11-09
> ------- 1991-fall ------------->
> iii. So it's impossible for the fall of the soviet union to be the
> cause of the Berlin wall fall,
> as it were already destructed two years ago.
> You've to find different source causes leading to the two events.
> iv. Furthermore, the opening of the frontier put place in the absolute
> calmness,
> wtih some days before prayers from Protestant Church and peaceful
> demonstrations.
> v. The USSR situation were equally calm: some countries quitted the union,
> without real ability or will for the union to use military force to
> stop the move.
> In Fall 1991, it becames more and more clear the union couldn't be saved.
> December 8th, the Russia, Ukraine and Belarius sign the Belavezha
> Accords stating the USSR is ended.
> ( Officially, at this moment the USSR still exists with Gorbatchev as
> president but empty, as Russian, Ukraine and Belarus are now
> independant states.
> Gorbartchev resigns December 25th. The Supreme Soviet dissolves
> officially itself and the USSR the 26th, while.the international
> community recognizes officially the independance of the Russia. )
> vi. Some historians consider the wall is one of the factor locking the
> situation and avoiding escalate to war.
> From this point of view, the Berlin wall construction leads to the
> longest peaceful period in western Europe.
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