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Sat Dec 11 04:13:50 CET 2010

On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 2:49 AM, Matt Joyce <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:
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> And I really do want to know how you plan to argue that the fall of the
> soviet union and consequently the berlin wall...  was non violent.

i. “consequently” indicates a consequence, ie A ... and consequently
... B means A => B.

ii. If we draw a timeline with the two following events:
f(BW) the fall of the Berlin wall
f (USSR) the fall of the Soviet Union

it would be something line ------------------------ f(BW)
------------- f(USSR) ------------->
--------------------------------------------------------- 1989-11-09
------- 1991-fall ------------->

iii. So it's impossible for the fall of the soviet union to be the
cause of the Berlin wall fall,
as it were already destructed two years ago.

You've to find different source causes leading to the two events.

iv. Furthermore, the opening of the frontier put place in the absolute calmness,
wtih some days before prayers from Protestant Church and peaceful

v. The USSR situation were equally calm: some countries quitted the union,
without real ability or will for the union to use military force to
stop the move.

In Fall 1991, it becames more and more clear the union couldn't be saved.
December 8th, the Russia, Ukraine and Belarius sign the Belavezha
Accords stating the USSR is ended.

( Officially, at this moment the USSR still exists with Gorbatchev as
president but empty, as Russian, Ukraine and Belarus are now
independant states.

Gorbartchev resigns December 25th. The Supreme Soviet dissolves
officially itself and the USSR the 26th, while.the international
community recognizes officially the independance of the Russia. )

vi. Some historians consider the wall is one of the factor locking the
situation and avoiding escalate to war.

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