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On 08/22/2010 03:12 PM, Koen Martens wrote:
> For me, scientology is just another religion, that i oppose as much as other
> religions. I don't like religion, but who am I to deny them the right to place
> ads on google?

I'd say no, as scientology is quite 'clearly' about getting more and
more power & money with a 'funny' scifi story as it's background. it is
just a system that is designed to aquire power and rip people off.
But looking at many other religions, it's not so much different these
days for the major religious bodies.
Originally they where ways of explaining the unknown, but have become
powerhouses with a for many people still intresting basis and a guide
for something useful (from though shall not kill to a basis for social
interaction). And with subsections/factions with no malicious intend.

What I'd guess for me the problem is that the scheming of scientology is
more obvious. It is just a scheme/sect to lure people in to rip them off
and with a clear goal of getting as much power as possible. And that
they get 'support' from a powerful body like google. (one could call it
unfair competition for the 419 scammers :).

And one could consider google just yet another 'evil' company who
shouldn't judge of but only deal, but google is effectivly a monopoly or
at the very least a very big player on the information market (think of
how 'to google something' as become an accepted to term to look up
anything on the internet. And with power does come responsibility. And I
do wonder if google would allow ad-words from 419 scammers and other
similar schemes.

It's a difficult battle with an unfair power balance, I'd rather have
google on a fair side instead of on the side with those with the most


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