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Koen Martens gmc at sonologic.nl
Sun Aug 22 15:12:38 CEST 2010

Hi Far,

On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 04:24:12PM -0400, Far McKon wrote:
> Reducto Ad Absurdum* of your argument (which is Reducto Ad Absurdum*
> itself) will eventually get to:  "Next thing, regular people want ads
> about white supremacy removed, and what have you." There are such
> things as "outright lies" and "Demonstrably False" that make something
> worth banning. But to say "Nothing should Be Banned Ever Since Someone
> Could Ban Something Else" is a terrible terrible terrible fallacy**.

All i'm saying is, you're on a sliding scale here. I must therefore respectfully
deny your accusation. I just don't like it when corporations like google sit on 
the chair of censorship, and decide what is socially acceptable and what not.
That is not their task, and being a corporation that runs for profit they are
not able to make such decisions.

For me, scientology is just another religion, that i oppose as much as other
religions. I don't like religion, but who am I to deny them the right to place
ads on google?

As for white supremacy, I don't believe expressing an opinion is in anyway
illegal. While I certainly don't like racist attitudes, I can't deny people
the right to voice their opinions. I draw a line between voicing opinions
and acting against the law. By placing an ad for a white supremacy organisation
you cross my moral boundaries, but it is their right to express those opinions
as much as it is my right to express the opinion that i detest religion. As long
as I don't advertise to have religious people killed, or they don't advertise
to have non-white people killed, i believe we are all well within what the law
and in fact common morale accepts.



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