[hackerspaces] Intro to Reversing at Hive76

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 17:12:21 CEST 2010

Hey folks,
Just a heads-up that Hive76 is having an Intro to Reversing
Engineering on the 28th.  This class is an introduction on how to take
a piece of software apart, see what it is doing, and maybe even change
how it behaves. To take this class you should be familiar with
programming basics in *any* programming language, have a laptop, and
be willing to sit still for a couple of hours.

info: http://www.hive76.org/intro-to-reversing
tickets: http://www.hive76.org/products-page/classes/intro-to-reversing/

Remember it's a 'suggested donation' If you are elsewhere in the
sprawl and are traveling for the class, and feel free to subtract
travel cost from your ticket. Or if you're a student, unemployed,
retired,  or just too goddamm poor, feel free give yourself  a cheap

hack on,
- Far McKon

http://www.Hive76.org  "Making things awesome,  making awesome things!"
http://www.FarMcKon.net "Creatively Maladjusted"

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