[hackerspaces] S036.NET attacked by German Police

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Tue Apr 27 14:26:33 CEST 2010

----- "Matt Joyce" <matt at nycresistor.com> a écrit :

> Have you considered offering some free tech events to lawyers,
> legislators, and local leos? I mean it seems to me that the issue at
> the heart of your concerns is possibly just ignorance. If you focus on
> educating you solve the issue.

I did in three different organizations. Not to lawyers though but to a more general public. I think it is good, valuable, that it is working and that we need more people doing that. I think that more and more people have at least partial understanding about what free softwares are, what hacking is about and why the freedom to tinker and do science by yourself is interesting. However, official policies go increasingly contrary to this tendency. The goal of making a political party is to provide a metric to lawmakers to show them how much ballots they lose by having this kind of policies. I really see that as a political widget : the goal is not to get elected, the goal is to influence policies by the mere act of being existent and having voters.

I'm really not saying that hackers should stop hacking and go to protest with a eye-patch, but instead that people who feel politically deceived should take a bit of their time to look into this pirate party thing and see if it can be changed into something they would like. 
> Reach out be a positive force. Be an example. Stop complaining about
> the color of the bike shed and pick up a brush.

Black is the color, mate ;-)


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