[hackerspaces] S036.NET attacked by German Police

lilo al3lilo at autistici.org
Wed Apr 28 09:08:13 CEST 2010

hello from it :)
it seems you are not alone:

and hackmeeting here and all around, and anonimity TOR node, or freenet
or other
and independent wireless mesh (ninux.org in rome)
maybe is not the solution, atm,  but is something.

Blackhold wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 14:12, Matt Joyce <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:
>> Hackerspaces are proof more than anything that a small group of people
>> working in concert to have a net positive effect on their community will
>> succeed.  So just keep learning sharing and making and eventually there
>> will. Be more people forming intelligent and experienced opinions than you
>> can shake a gavel out.
> each July, since 2008, I organize a technical event (maybe you will
> read about it in a few days, call4participation is coming soon), this
> event aims to be really tech, but sometimes we feel that we are front
> a high wall. Here in spain actually we have some problems on content
> sharing, years ago you were free to share any kind of content through
> internet, but now, each time we see how our rights are oppressed, in a
> few months will start the closing of websites without a judgement,
> simply a group of people (related sure with rights management
> societies), could say that your website have a non legal content,
> maybe it will start on sharing videos and music and I feel that in
> future you could not paste a bit of text of other website, for example
> a digital newspaper.
> we have netstriked, we have defaced their websites, we have gone on
> street telling to people what's happening, people hates rights
> management entities more than our tribute agency, and goverment still
> creates non popular laws.
> for time ago, I only download copylefted and creative commons music,
> and did no see such movies as before (also I haven't enough time),
> each time I feel I'm fighting for rights for those people that
> continues using copyrighted content.

copyright is an old conception. we dont need copyright, we need a
revolution, filesharing is  real

> here we are fighting, but our strenghts sometimes fails, we are not
> enough people to fight against goverment laws, now we are beyond
> copyrighted content, the next will be the polithics content. guys,
> 1984 is closer than we feel and we have no possibilities, we with our
> patches and they with their laws.
>> Have you considered offering some free tech events to lawyers, legislators,
>> and local leos?  I mean it seems to me that the issue at the heart of your
>> concerns is possibly just ignorance.  If you focus on educating you solve
>> the issue.
>> Reach out be a positive force.  Be an example.  Stop complaining about the
>> color of the bike shed and pick up a brush.
+1 !!
>> -Matt

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pazzo io?~
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