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Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Tue Apr 27 14:57:30 CEST 2010

Politics is the art of shouting louder than the other guy, but as we all
know actions are far louder than words.  I am not suggesting you martyr
yourself or go on hunger strike.  I am simply saying...  for our unique
group of very different, and supremely opinioned group of folks, maybe
politics is not the arena we are best suited for tackling this issue in.

We can get what we want, but the only way to do that regardless of approach
is to make everyone else want it too.  From my experience, the best way to
make people want something is simple and elegant.  Show them how awesome it
is.  Let them decide for themselves that it is something they want.

I guess what I am saying is, talking at people, promoting an ideology, and
various other sundry bits of politics do not bring to my mmouth a flavor I
am willing to share.

I'd rather we focused on being an example of what open source / diy
collaboration are actually capable of achieving.  That will have a stronger
message than any pamphlet or soap box.  And, with success there, we will
likely reach an even broader audience.

Put a soldering iron in every home and see how easy it will be to lock them
out of their appliances.  The vcr didn't win out over the mpaa for any other
reason than popularity.  Popularity is the name of the game and we're pretty

I guess what I am saying is... the very function of hackerspaces, and their
success is paramount in furthering the cause of educating the average person
on stem fundamentals.  Between our own projects, or work and family
responsibilities, and that... we have used up most of our time.  I feel we
should focus on no more than we are able to.  I've spread myself far too
thin in the past and still find myself searching for a happy medium.

That's just an opinion.


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> Have you considered offering some free tech events to lawyers,
> legislators, and local leos? I m...
I did in three different organizations. Not to lawyers though but to a more
general public. I think it is good, valuable, that it is working and that we
need more people doing that. I think that more and more people have at least
partial understanding about what free softwares are, what hacking is about
and why the freedom to tinker and do science by yourself is interesting.
However, official policies go increasingly contrary to this tendency. The
goal of making a political party is to provide a metric to lawmakers to show
them how much ballots they lose by having this kind of policies. I really
see that as a political widget : the goal is not to get elected, the goal is
to influence policies by the mere act of being existent and having voters.

I'm really not saying that hackers should stop hacking and go to protest
with a eye-patch, but instead that people who feel politically deceived
should take a bit of their time to look into this pirate party thing and see
if it can be changed into something they would like.

> Reach out be a positive force. Be an example. Stop complaining about
> the color of the bike she...
Black is the color, mate ;-)


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