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Kris, Rose, Armin, Elgin,

thank you all very much for your wonderful replies! I'm glad my
prospectus is so well received.
This list is an even better information resource than I had hoped, I
knew haecksen and hackers were awesome! ;)

Now for individual replies:

My prospectus has already been approved by my diploma tutor, which is
how they do it in Austria. I still need to formally enter it at the
registrar's office, but as the tutor is still (or was) stuck in
Amherst, MA, that will have to wait.
I would be VERY interested in your resources and all of your anecdotes
as wel, but take your time, I'm not really in a hurry ;)
I'll look up the Becker's essay though I have pretty much given up on
the participative observation approach and will probably focus much
more on some flavor of discourse analysis.

Your research paper being published in German doesn't really pose a
problem and I'd be totally happy if you could send me a link to the
paper once it has been published.
Thanks a lot for your thorough insight on learning theory and the many
links to resources and similar research. I do not posit that learning
with ICT is automatically linked to constructivist learning, far from it!

I'll definitely have a look at your blog, so make sure to update it
quickly ;)
And yes, I'll publish the final thesis. Same page where all my other
academic stuff sits (http://david.raison.lu)
Publishing parts or rough drafts might be difficult as the austrian
law prohibits to publish parts of your thesis before it has been
reviewed, but we'll see.

Thanks again and I'm totally looking forward to more interesting feedback!

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