[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces as postmodern learning spheres beyond the virtual

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Hi David,

I'm glad to see another person writing his thesis on hackerspaces. I'm
currently working on a Sociology master's thesis on 'hacking as a way of
life' at the University of Amsterdam. I keep a blog on my thesis as well,
although I need to update it quickly: http://heelveelkoffie.nl/ My first
post contains a pdf-file with my thesis proposal (which also needs a bit
updating). I didn't use a traditional research question, as I use a certain
type of embedded ethnography as methodology and I don't want to predetermine
my focus prior to the research. Being in the field for a while already, I
will focus on a theme, probably open-source and sharing. This has pretty
close connections to your subject of course.

I'm interested in your future findings and I was wondering whether you make
thesis publically available.
Good luck with your research,


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Good day,

I've finally published my prospectus for a future diploma thesis in
educational science/media studies, named "Hackerspaces, postmodern
learning spheres beyond the virtual?" [0]

I thought some of you might be interested in the short paper and its
Also, I would appreciate any kind of feedback you might want to give.

Though it might not prove just as controversial as the monochrom piece
from a while ago (though I quoted from it and the subsequent
discussion), I still hope that it will incite some type of response.


[0] http://david.raison.lu/hackerspaces_online.pdf

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