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Jens Christian Hillerup wrote:
> In Labitat we have two wireless networks, one open and one closed. 

A few more details: In Labitat we try to keep a single username/password
set for all services. No centralized login, just the same username and
password. The closed access point in our space uses freeradius and you
simply use your cross-service labitat username and password to log in.
We have both free and paying members, and both have access to the
"closed" wifi, so new users can gain access in about 10 minutes by
simply signing up through our website. We're having some trouble with
neighbors using a lot of bandwidth through the free ap, but so far we've
just mac-banned the offending users. Since our member database is
constantly changing, a cron job on the server running freeradius
periodically retrieves a list of user names and hashes through a
password-protected https web service. A new freeradius module for
reading our salted hashes had to be written but it was very similar to
existing modules.

We're planning on having a "documentation day" in the near future, where
everyone who has contributed to infrastructure will sit down and comment
code, write docs/schematics and have a few beers.

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