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On 19/04/10 20:45, Juul wrote:
> A few more details: In Labitat we try to keep a single
> username/password set for all services. No centralized login, just
> the same username and password. The closed access point in our
> space uses freeradius and you simply use your cross-service labitat
> username and password to log in. We have both free and paying
> members, and both have access to the "closed" wifi, so new users
> can gain access in about 10 minutes by simply signing up through
> our website. We're having some trouble with neighbors using a lot
> of bandwidth through the free ap, but so far we've just mac-banned
> the offending users. Since our member database is constantly
> changing, a cron job on the server running freeradius periodically
> retrieves a list of user names and hashes through a
> password-protected https web service. A new freeradius module for
> reading our salted hashes had to be written but it was very similar
> to existing modules.

Well if this didn't have Labitat on top and your email address as
sender, I could swear you were talking about our wifi setup.
Too bad you didn't document it earlier, that might have saved us a
couple of hassles.

Well maybe we can share the data on both our implementations and by
that process improve on both of them.


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