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It's an experiment. You could do your solo hacking at home, either
completely under the radar, or published in a person blog not likely to get
much traffic. Hackerspaces are often public, nonprofit, community-serving
institutions. I found it liberating to finally have a legitimate front that
held my views on work ethic, labor, security, etc.

It's a good way to support the community that made you and get credibility
for the cool things you do spread out into the 'blogosphere'.

It's honestly not a huge commitment in most cases. $30-$50/mo on the low
end, $100/mo on the high end. If the members consider their space a primary
workshop, maybe $100+/mo, but a lot of us just want a place to hang out
without being accosted by mall security or being ticketed for having one of
the lights above our license plate out.

If you decide to join, you'll probably see why we're all gung-ho about it ;)

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Samantha Atkins <sseraph at me.com> wrote:

> I visited the dojo and I was curious about something.   At the moment I
> have a day job and live alone, so I can do my auxiliary/future hacking at
> home.   What sort of advantages might someone like me get from Hacker Dojo
> membership?  Is there a level of communication / services / networking /
> equipment that might be beneficial?  I hack software.
> - s
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