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tetsu yatsu tetsuharu at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 19:19:07 CET 2009

For the warzone project, I believe we want to simulate real-world
scenarios to simulate what real hostile behavior and overall network
activity looks like and feels like. We'll need licenses even for those
VM's running proprietary operating systems and software. We might be
able to get them donated if we phrase the request right.

On Monday, November 16, 2009, asbesto <asbesto at freaknet.org> wrote:
> Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 05:01:17PM -0600, Eric Michaud wrote:
>> Enforcing a "valid license only" rule is usually an effective way to have
>> many people switch to open source software.
>> That meant, by adhering to the rules people would more than likely go the
>> easier route, which is using GPL'd based products and software.
> This means, for me, to adhere to the multinational selling of crap instead
> of keep fighting.
> We need a cultural revolution to stop using this commercial software; for
> this, we strongly believe that an act of piracy can be a great political
> act. But a better one would be to totally STOP using commercial software,
> especially inside an "HACKER" space, because is a total contraddiction.
> Also, we do have some commercial software in our hacklab, sure, because for
> some tasks (EPROM writing software and so on) there's no GNU/Linux
> application; but for this we recovered licenses directly from trashbins,
> from old computers, from donations, by recycling! This can also be a
> different solution. :)
> But please don't purchase commercial software! :)
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