[hackerspaces] Software Licensing

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Mon Nov 16 15:39:59 CET 2009

Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 05:01:17PM -0600, Eric Michaud wrote:

> Enforcing a "valid license only" rule is usually an effective way to have
> many people switch to open source software.

> That meant, by adhering to the rules people would more than likely go the
> easier route, which is using GPL'd based products and software.

This means, for me, to adhere to the multinational selling of crap instead
of keep fighting.

We need a cultural revolution to stop using this commercial software; for
this, we strongly believe that an act of piracy can be a great political
act. But a better one would be to totally STOP using commercial software,
especially inside an "HACKER" space, because is a total contraddiction. 

Also, we do have some commercial software in our hacklab, sure, because for
some tasks (EPROM writing software and so on) there's no GNU/Linux
application; but for this we recovered licenses directly from trashbins,
from old computers, from donations, by recycling! This can also be a
different solution. :)

But please don't purchase commercial software! :)

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