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webzeug at gbks.net webzeug at gbks.net
Fri May 15 17:11:40 CEST 2009

This could be a description, but i rather stick with another one, i heard a 
while before...
Europeans (especially Germans) are pedants, principles are very important to 
them. And a moderator, as good and well-meaning he can be, is an authority, 
who could misuse his power arbitrarily. Guidelines can help, but there's 
always a loophole for Arbitrariness, and rules are much buerocratic overhead. 
(and creates more pedantic people)

Americans are more pragmatic. If something gets the job done, it is okay. 
Emerging Problems can be solved later. If it gets worse, try another thing.
Most of the time, this works, but when this method crashes, it does it big 

I like this one more, because it is not so.. dividing... Every approach has 
its benefits and disadvantages, but the question for the code of practise 
still stands.. 

I would suggest, we wait with and postpone any moderation. When further flames 
arise, we can still hook some person into power, however the actual 
implementation looks like. Who knows, when there's only one flamethread per 
year, any moderation would be overhead. And absolut no human interaction goes 
just and only without a little heat but only joy and peace.

cya, angora

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