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Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Fri May 15 17:18:23 CEST 2009

While I'd rather refrain from stereotyping based on geographic origin
given the nature of human movement these days... I agree with angora
against moderating the list.  We've only really had this one discussion
which has devolved into name-calling and other immaturity; let's go back
to having productive conversations about the care and feeding of
hackerspaces, and consider moderating the list only if there's another
discussion which devolves as the last one did.

I for one enjoyed the kind of political discussion that Johannes' essay
caused, but I'm completely happy to have it on a separate list since
there are enough folks on here who don't want to participate.  For this
purpose the theory@ list has been set up - let's continue things there.


from, but not speaking on behalf of, hacklab.to

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 05:11:40PM +0200, webzeug at gbks.net wrote:
> This could be a description, but i rather stick with another one, i heard a 
> while before...
> Europeans (especially Germans) are pedants, principles are very important to 
> them. And a moderator, as good and well-meaning he can be, is an authority, 
> who could misuse his power arbitrarily. Guidelines can help, but there's 
> always a loophole for Arbitrariness, and rules are much buerocratic overhead. 
> (and creates more pedantic people)
> Americans are more pragmatic. If something gets the job done, it is okay. 
> Emerging Problems can be solved later. If it gets worse, try another thing.
> Most of the time, this works, but when this method crashes, it does it big 
> time.
> I like this one more, because it is not so.. dividing... Every approach has 
> its benefits and disadvantages, but the question for the code of practise 
> still stands.. 
> I would suggest, we wait with and postpone any moderation. When further flames 
> arise, we can still hook some person into power, however the actual 
> implementation looks like. Who knows, when there's only one flamethread per 
> year, any moderation would be overhead. And absolut no human interaction goes 
> just and only without a little heat but only joy and peace.
> cya, angora
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