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Tobias Wolter towo at koeln.ccc.de
Fri May 15 15:58:36 CEST 2009

A thing that might be worth noting:

* Most Europeans seem to be of the opinion that a moderator is
  unnecessary,  and that everyone can just opt out of whatever
  rubs them wrong. The bias here seems to be that tolerate any
  disturbing elements is favourable to risking any bias by the
  most well-meaning moderator(s).

* Most Americans seem to rather want a moderator for the purpo-
  se of having someone that can step in when things get heated
  and call people to their senses, and, if such a solution can
  not be achieved, move problematic discussion out of the way.

This might be a slightly biased description, but this is my re-
ception of the situation.  The thing is that these two methods
of solving the problem aren't really compatible to each other.


A: That you read the answer before the question.
Q: What's most irritating about top quoting?
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