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Simplicity is great.  I don't disagree.  And if "Be excellent to each other"
was enough I wouldn't have brought this up as an issue.  I think we need
something more, and the past few days are the evidence I would submit of
that.  This is a new list and it's important to set the proper tone early
on.  We don't need valuable members of the hackerspace community dropping
off of the list in frustration.


On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 7:04 PM, webmind <webmind at puscii.nl> wrote:

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> Not sure where exactly the best place to reply is in this thread, so I
> take the new base.
> I do not agree with the assumption that a discussion need to be a formal
> discourse. I do not think you need a formal framework for having
> discussions, offline or online.
> I certainly don't think that you need  a specific moderator on a list.
> If communication really is or becomes a problem, I can understand
> forming rules, as this can help with/against misunderstandings and
> communication errors. Something that is IMHO very likely to happen with
> such diverse groups. But I don't think we need any kind of central
> moderation for this.
> And by rules I indeed think more about preventing aggression in
> communication (from plain flaming to ridiculing), I think that is pretty
> much in line with the examples that Matt gave (excuse me if I'm wrong).
> But if someone doesn't or just can't follow the rules, I think you're or
> we should be able to solve it as a group. By commenting on the issue at
> hand if required. Yes, this has the risk of turning in a huge thread
> discussing how's and why's but anyone is completely free to ignore those
> threads. I do think they are useful, and we have a public archive to
> point to if it gets repetitive.
> Long mail short:
> I do think this is a discussion list, just maybe not everyone's type of
> 'discussion.
> I do not oppose rules, but I am against central moderation/control.
> I think non-aggressive and open-minded communication is non-trivial
> I think people are quite capable to decide what they want to read/follow
> or not.
> Oh, and I don't think we should make any set of rules to complex, I like
> simplicity.
> my 2cts.
> webmind.
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