[hackerspaces] HAR2009 -=- Ticket shop now accepting credit cards

Aldert Hazenberg aldert at rotz.org
Thu Jan 22 13:42:03 CET 2009

Hi Hi,

ExecSum : credit cards now accepted, head over to the
           ticket shop and order your tickets while they
           are still cheap. (150 Euro till end of March)


Greetings !


Ticket shop now accepting credit cards

   After some hard work, careful deliberations and serious wheeling and
   dealing (as a result of which some of the more closely involved
   volunteers will have to make do without their kidneys from now on),  
   think we have arrived at a workable situation regarding the  
   of credit cards for [1]payment of your HAR2009 tickets.

   As you might know, credit cards and the associated companies are  
   evil. You´ll be surprised when you see what turned out to be the  
   evil solution for us.

   However, rest assured, your transactions are quite safe, and we’ve
   taken additional precautions to safeguard the arrival of your money  
   prevent the credit card companies from stealing too big a cut of it.

   Still, if you can, you should use iDeal (Dutch people) or direct
   transfer (EU-zone people, yes that specifically excludes you Brits!).
   The credit card company insists on getting their hands on a  
   amount of the ticket price, while the regular banks are a bit more
   reluctant in that (only a bit though). In other words: credit card
   transactions do cost us a bundle, whereas iDeal and direct (intra-EU)
   transaction fees are within more manageable regions.

   To make a long story short: credit cards now accepted, head over to  
   [2]ticket shop and order tickets, liberally.

Early-bird period extended

   Because it took a while to get credit-cards accepted, the early-bird
   rate will apply for an extra month: if you order before march 31st,  
   will only pay EUR 155,- per ticket. And if you enter the special  
   code ‘SEAGULL’ you will get an extra EUR 5,- discount on top of that!

   Remember, after march, prices will increase gradually to reach a  
   at the event itself, where the door-price will be EUR 250,-. Now,  
   of you have cried out vehemently that EUR 250,- is outrageously high,
   and you are absolutely right.

   However, you can help lower that target! If the pre-sale ticket  
   is high enough, there will be no problems with advance payment of
   rental companies and such. So, show your solidarity with those that
   have no choice and must buy their ticket at the door by
   [3]pre-ordering your early-bird ticket *right now*!

   For further information about tickets, consult [4]the original
   announcement or the [5]FAQ.

The program

   By now, [6]the program commissariat is up to full steam. However,
   HAR2009 fosters the community spirit, and encourages so-called
   ‘villages’ to be part of the official program.

   A village within HAR2009 is basically a group of like-minded people  
   some niche topic, or sometimes just a particular brand of beer, that
   want to locate their tents close together to express that kinship. In
   other words: a village is a herd of hackers.

   If you have visited the wiki recently, you might have noticed that a
   lot of activity takes place on [7]the village pages: initiatives for
   various national villages, a number of villages centering around
   specific sub-fields of hacking and technology, villages for certain
   software projects or other religious issues, political villages, and
   yes indeed, some villages that are just about having a bit of fun!

   We encourage the villages to organise workshops or perhaps even  
   speakers of their own. In theory, there is no limit to what you can  
   in your village (but keep it legal kids!). Maybe you want to  
   the traditional workshop and/or lecture format, maybe you want to  
   people how to bend circuits, have a marathon of watching that obscure
   cartoon or anime, do a demo-compo or just have a few beers around the
   glow of your ZX-81’s CRT.

   There’s only one rule: if you want to make it in the program booklet,
   make sure you have a solid program somewhere around July. By that  
   those who are tasked with creating this essential souvenir will be
   asking the more promising villages for their plans.


   A quick reminder of some [8]important deadlines:

   Still 29 weeks till HAR2009!

   Still 10 weeks and 5 days to get your early-bird ticket!

   Still 14 weeks and 1 day to submit a lecture!


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