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Isaac Hacksimov isaac.hacksimov at patiomaravillas.net
Sun Jan 25 20:14:32 CET 2009

2009/1/22 jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org>:
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> re all,
> smoke signals from http://hacklabs.org
> one of them, Hamlab / Patio Maravilla in Madrid
> is evicted tomorrow at 9:30 CET (in 7h or so)
> and will stream the eviction on da web
> http://www.patiomaravillas.net/hamlab
> was home of the hackademy 1.0 and 2.0 last years
> http://patiomaravillas.net/hamlab/hackademy1.0
> http://patiomaravillas.net/hamlab/hackademy2.0


Finally the police didn't evict us. More than 400 hundred people came
physically to show support at the front of the CSOA Patio Maravillas
-- a squatter social centrum, where you can get everything from free
courses and help to repair your bike, to a Free Store, even a library,
musical lessons, several languages lessons, etcetera

Also thousands of people came to show us support on the Internet. We
open several channels to comunicate: an Internet radio (with ices2 and
giss.tv), an IRC channel, a Jabber channel, a Gobby session, a twitter
(www.twitter.com/isaachacksimov), and, of course, the webcams. It was
pretty simple yet powerful: through motion we capture the images and
then we send them with curl to an external FTP.

All of this but also many other things not related with the eviction
were done by the HAMlab collective (HAM means Hackers/Humans Against
the Machine). I am Isaac Hacksimov, rector of the Hackademy, one of
the several activities that were done by the HAMlab. Hackademy is a
lot of courses about Free Software mostly for begginers, but also for
advanced users and even a few of programming. In this year of
Hackademy we´ve done more than 25 courses.

Another activity that the HAMlab did was a public download. We let the
police and goverment know that we were going to download some
copyright restricted material, in front of the goverment's party
headquarter, and if it was illegal, that they must jail us. Of course,
they didn´t, since according to Spanish law it is perfectly legal, but
the Minister of Culture keep supporting campaigns like If You Are
Legal, You Are Legal (www.siereslegalereslegal.com).

But we will keep fighting against them, and they can not evict us as
long as we have the people support. And if they evict us, there is a
Spanish squatter saying: One eviction, another squat!!

It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, "That is the
dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any
longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but
the world as it will be ..." ISAAC ASIMOV

Isaac Hacksimov

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