[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces talk at BIL?

astera astera at hackerspaces.org
Mon Jan 5 19:36:49 CET 2009

Hey everyone,

unfortunately, I'll be in Washington DC that week.

On 05.01.2009, at 19:25, Lukas Fittl wrote:
> I would still love to have guys from other hackerspaces on board
> though, as diversity is one of the key aspects of the hackerspaces
> movement (as I see it, at least).

Since no other core member will be able to make it due to Shmoocon  
(though I'd love to see Bre, Nick or Eric taking part in a panel like  
that), I'd suggest to ask Jake or Mitch - if they're gonna be on the  
West Coast then, that is!


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