[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces talk at BIL?

Lukas Fittl lukas at fittl.com
Mon Jan 5 19:25:58 CET 2009

Hey Paul,

Sure, why not ;)

I would still love to have guys from other hackerspaces on board
though, as diversity is one of the key aspects of the hackerspaces
movement (as I see it, at least).

I'm heading down to Los Angeles (by plane from Portland) on 5th of
February, for Startonomics on the 6th (http://startonomics.com/). BIL
starts on the 7th at the California State University in Long Beach

Let me know if you're definitely coming, could be useful to meet up on
the day before.

-- Lukas

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Paul Böhm <paul at boehm.org> wrote:
> Hey Lukas,
> I'll be in the valley at that time. If you're there too, wanna do a
> presentation together?
> Paul

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