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marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Thu Apr 30 19:02:52 CEST 2009

hi there
> organizationally being hamstringed by our benefactor a headache.

> as NYCResistor we may well need to borrow alternative venues for certain
> events.  But, as a hackerspace that provides shop space and rarer resources
> ( such as cnc equipment or oscilloscopes )... we couldn't do that with a
> donated space.  The legal concerns would become a nightmare and
>   There's also a community that's built up around the space that's a lot
> more tighter knit than any other group I've seen.

Try a bit harder, there's has to be some reasonable propietary or  
tenant willing to shar-e-xchange cheaper around near with creative,  
entushiastic, capable, original and skillfull people like you/us,

> The financial commitment
> to the space inspires people to get more involved in the running of it, and
> the projects that come out of it.

uf, and also don't let others involve that easy if there are too many  
expense$.. like rent..
try the 'services per rent' way

>  If you aren't willing to commit
> financially to a space ( and we're talking a relatively meager commitment 75
> USD a month in NYC is not much money it's basically a gym membership ), then
> odds are you aren't willing to commit yourself to the space and the
> community around it.

you could offer newbies (also) the posibilty of contributing to the  
tracker open tickets, which can also host some demands from the  

> Consider it a bar being raised that will sift out
> those with a passing or idle curiousity from those who are actively
> engaged.
oki, it can happen for many motives, not just cos of the fee$  
sacrifice-evil's pact {fun} ..
solved with open tasks+new ticket, horizontal admins, sympathism,  
resourcefullness, ...

>    Also the space itself has garnered popularity by being entirely its own
> thing.  Self sustaining and productive.  Also something that gives back to
> multiple communities.  Hosting other peoples events and classes.  There's a
> flexability there that would be impossible to ensure in the scenario of a
> donated space.

no way again, really.. it *is* posible.
if you tend to communicate less with $ there's more profit

tell those communities to give back to the landlord, :)

> Both operational paradigms have their benefits and weaknesses.
> It's a matter of choosing the right tool for the job.

A high rent space is a portafolio for the next landlord of the another better

>> project. It is harder, however, to consider lending them a room of my flat
>> even if I don't use it.

leting the space alone in the night or in the day is unsafer than with  
someone in also..

>> (Thinking aloud) : Is there a way to solve both of these problems through a
>> simple set of rules ?

There's one working well: The new one has the preference for choosing  
the (space to sleep, connect to the public computer, ...).
and with 'reminders' that the project is open, things' usufruto,  
spending more time there makes you high but not bigger than the  
newbie, leave the things same or better than you found them, ruling  
forks, the key is unfair, come here cos you decide it among other  
options: for being free you have to have another place to stay-hact  

hope it helps

i like when the pAlace has many diferent groups, including techies.

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