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These are some good points.  When we started the 23B shop, it was very tough
to find any space  in our area < 2,000ft^2,  landlords were extremely picky
(i.e. no industrial, welding, parking in the other spaces, etc).

Eventually, we found a nice place near downtown that didn't care what we do
after 5:00pm

Everyone who has a key at our space helps with the rent commitment (around
$200/mo for a key currently) and has lots of their personal tools and
machines there.

Of course, everyone is welcome any time a key holder is there, and we have
frequent workshops, build parties, etc.

If we had an extra room, I would think about putting some tables and couches
in and making that an easy to access hangout place, as we wouldn't have to
worry about who's using the dangerous machinery, etc.

The economics certainly make a difference.  If you have lots of disused
warehouse or factory floor space available in your city,  there is a lot of
opportunity to barter or possibly get it free in exchange for watching the
place, keeping the electric on, etc.

If rents are high and there are few vacancies, then you are stuck with
having to get a couple of people with incomes together able to secure and
pay for a 1-2 year lease.

23b Shop (Southern California)

hi there
> > organizationally being hamstringed by our benefactor a headache.
> yes
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