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Matt Joyce mdjoyce at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 19:17:39 CEST 2009

So I just joined the list.  Trying to respond to the Press thread.

There's a hackerspaces.org flickr group:


And at least for NYCResistor I've been occasionally adding our press
activity to our wikipedia and hackerspaces.org entries.



Not sure if that's helpful to you guys.  Certainly documenting what we do at
Resistor is hard.  When people are working they don't want to be bothered by
needing to take images or video.  And getting people to blog about what
they've done can be difficult at times.

I donated my old DSLR to resistor to act as a project documentation camera.
It's kept in a super easy to access spot... always battery charged, and
ready to go.  When people need / want to snap a shot mid project work it's
not a big todo it's just a reach a flick and press of button.

Some of NYCR is already very good at documenting what they do.  Bre for
instance =P.

But we still wonder if we aren't doing enough.  The blog is great.  But if
we survive past the five year mark, will we be able to look back at what we
do have documented about our founding and not feel a sense of loss for all
the things we didn't document?

We started to take the occasional group shot at meetings.

This past tuesday we voted in a concept we learned from a boston based
hackerspace called "super tuesdays".  In which our last meeting of the month
is a... everyone should try to show up to this... and instead of sitting
around meeting or working individually we will work all of us on space
improvement projects.  That would be a great time to grab a group shot.

I do have concerns about our reliance on web 2.0 technology.  If flickr or
vimeo or blip were to die tomorrow forever... how much data would be lost?

What's the right way to address that?  Maybe a hackerspaces.org mirror of
all the flickr group pool.  I don't know.

Anyways those are my thoughts on this topic.


 In regards to the hackerspaces book and druid's question about HHH.  I did
reach out to shardy on bre's behalf when he was collecting material.  As
some of you may recall the deadlines for submission were somewhat lacking in
flexibility and shardy didn't have the time to really put something
together.  But, certainly we're all aware of groups like the cDc and L0pht.
Also the original Resistors =D.  I hope this book will grow to be better and
better as the iterations come.  I can't wait to see it myself.

-Matt Joyce
 member at nycresistor
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