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Hi Nina,

I used to attend a science museum in Southern California called the "Youth
Science Center" when I was a little kid.  They had a big Tesla coil, a bunch
large snakes and herptiles, and classes where you could set things on fire,
make messes, etc.

If it were still around, I would probably be volunteering there.  I think
the Hacker Space concept is really much the same thing, for those of us that
never lost the desire to make a mess and learn things.  We started our space
about 2 years ago, after we realized that all of our parties ended up with
us in the garage working on robots, welding metal, etc.

So it would be good to refer people who have an interest in hands-on tech to
their nearest space.  Science shouldn't be just about kids!  :)


23b Shop:

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Nina Simon <nina at museumtwo.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm an interactive museum exhibit designer who has been pretty freaking
> excited to learn about hackerspaces.  I got into the science museum business
> originally as a pinball machine hacker and loved sharing electronics
> insanity with people who never imagined they could make a lie
> detector/robot/explosion/etc.
> I wrote a blog post about hackerspaces and their potential connection to
> museum spaces here:
> http://museumtwo.blogspot.com/2009/04/hackerspaces-diy-science-centers-for.html
> I've had a few museum exhibit directors write to me with interest in how
> they might connect to local groups/become a resource or space for
> hackerly-minded-adults.  I'm curious whether you think that hackerspaces
> could reasonably exist with/inside/alongside museums and whether you see
> potential value there or just a mess of rules and screaming kids you don't
> want to deal with.
> Either way, I'm inspired and energized.  Thanks.
> Nina
> Nina Simon
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