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hi Steve,

thanks for your comments & alchemy to solidify the bubble.

i'm on our side of course, but still spotting a clear vulnerability in
the unilateral method characterising the narratives we are producing.

the hacker's  movement will be very  powerful only when  able to cross
individual  and  localised  interests, national  identities,  cultural
differences, prejudices and more  boundaries (even the screen!). until
then,  we'll be  an easy  target for  manipulations (both  locally and
globally)  as  it  has   been  for  other  popular  movements,  namely
rastafarian, hip-hop,  punk, grunge, etc.   (you name it, i  mean your
pet pop/sub/culture that you genuinely  know and that has somehow gone

the solution is to keep track of history and differences in a rigorous
and objective  way: whenever  we move forward  to represent  the whole
this should be  the price to pay, if we don't  want banalities to take
over our heterogeneous identities.

the process  we are going through  is the one  of representing hacking
cultures:  movements that  are  highly critical  to established  power
structures, in  some instances  even rebellious to  them, in  any case
constructive and faithful in a globally networked intelligence.

i think  representing hacker  cultures is a  very good effort  and i'm
sure it will make our societies better: fostering confrontation rather
than fear, creating uncommon ground for constructive criticism, on all
kind of imaginary levels.

still now the  risk at stake is that  "hackerspaces" become after-work
recreational circles, rather than urban laboratories of collective and
liberated imagination.

anyway... please take the reflections  above just as an early pen-test
for our concepts and methodology.


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