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Steve Clement steve at localhost.lu
Sat Apr 18 11:37:48 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Long time no post but here we go :)

I wanted to briefly touch on the Hype/PR-Bubble Phenomenon.

This is normal:

- People DO things
- People get the Word out

Press picks up on the cool things and Writes about it. This is a good  

Especially as we cannot speak of a Bubble! If you speak of a Bubble  
you anticipate that it will eventually Burst. Which is  IMHO wrong as  
you said correctly for over 10years there have been similar efforts.
Also, the people that DO and SAY the things are REALLY doing stuff.  
Commonly with Bubbles you only Hypothetically DO things and eventually  
you fail.

This will be a great Movement for years to come as we combine our  
Synergies and experiences (HSF/HAR/Milano etc...)

Cheers a lot,

Let's build a Hackerspace in Luxembourg!
mailto:steve at hackerspace.lu
.lu: +352 20 333 55 65

On Apr 17, 2009, at 2:41 PM, jaromil wrote:

> so  far we  only  reached to  document  the presence  of the  freaknet
> medialab in  sicily, while  many other hackspaces  in spain  and italy
> didn't really felt related to the hackerspace PR-bubble happening this
> year.

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