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Fri Apr 17 21:08:22 CEST 2009


We had great discussion tonight about opening a hacklab in bangkok  

That's true that's there's some hype about the hacker spaces right  
now, and south and western have had different approach, should connect.
I guess that's the goal of the various next meetings: HSF, HAR,  
Hackmeeting (Milano?): get to see the cross-over links we can create.

Hackerspaces should not stop at SPACES, we need to evolve many other  
structure: schools, universities, social structures, etc.

I would love to have some kind of talk around this (dedicated  
conference call?) sometime before Hacker Space Fest.

Just as a reminder, HSF call for paper is still on:

Take care.
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On 17 Apr 2009, at 19:41, jaromil wrote:

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> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 11:03:27PM +0000, Eric Michaud wrote:
>> I haven't. I'll have to check it out now.
> there have  been several belated comments about  the fact hackerspaces
> have been  pretty much active  since more than  10 years in  italy and
> spain  around the  annual "hackmeeting"  and squatted  hackerspaces in
> various  cities, see  http://www.hackmeeting.org (well  known  to CCC,
> 2600, EFF and FSF and more ppl who participated to it)
> so  far we  only  reached to  document  the presence  of the  freaknet
> medialab in  sicily, while  many other hackspaces  in spain  and italy
> didn't really felt related to the hackerspace PR-bubble happening this
> year.
> i think a moment of confrontation on our different approaches would be
> very useful, as the  spanish and italian initiatives that proliferated
> in the past years carry on  an approach that is in some instances very
> different from northern countries.
> /me just raising a little led signal from the back seats, if you wanna
> talk  we're  here.   hackmeeting  is  in  Milano  this  year,  end  of
> june.
> ciao
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