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Fri Apr 3 02:16:54 CEST 2009

Out of curiosity, will you back-populate spaces like the HHH, walnut 
factory, l0pht, etc... that pre-date this recent surge in popularity?

One of the main organizers of hackers on a plane, and the founder of the 
hacker halfway house, b9punk, should receive credit as the real progenitor 
of this movement. In 2004 b9 along with mangala organized a group of 
hackers (including myself) to fly to Berlin to speak at 21c3. The CCC 
(read: Tim Pritlove) actually paid our airfare and Hotel stay :)

See my talk synopsis here: 

Hackers on a Plane was the start of a whole new kind of space led by Bre 
and his crew with resistor, but the creation of spaces is much older, even 
in the US.

Not flame-bait, just setting the record straight. B9 is not too popular 
with the most hackers nowadays but she did a LOT to get this whole ball 
rolling, ask Nick Farr.

Also see this blog entry about the hacker spaces talk in July 2004 given 
by Shardy and others at the fifth hope conference.


And again, not trying to troll guys, I think this new form of open 
community is great and really appreciate seeing what's happening. I guess 
I took for granted everyone knew the history from when the hacker spaces 
community was pretty small.


On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, astera wrote:

> Hey there,
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 7:31 PM, David Powell <davepow16 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> That brings me to this next thought. We should create a press release
>> that can easily be shared with all the big technology news channels.
>> CNET comes to mind and I'm sure there are a bunch of others.
> Yes, totally agreed.
>> In order to get this started I would like if you guys would take
>> photos of your groups interacting with each other either in your
>> hackerspace or in your meeting location if you are just getting
>> started. Then write a little paragraph about what is going on in the
>> photo and provide details about where that location is and what the
>> name is of the organization.
> As you might have heard, Bre and me were working on a publication about a
> bunch of the hackerspaces that are featured on the site (as in: everyone who
> got back to our mail), and we have the final pdf version (Bre is reading
> over it atm for the very, very, VERY last time ;) - so this might be
> included in a press mailing (though it's pretty insanely huge).
> Also, right now as I write these lines Georgyo has helped me implement some
> new statistic graphs of hackerspaces.org and when and where hackerspaces
> were founded... the new feature will be released early by tomorrow I
> believe, as I want to reference it at Jens' and my talk at re:publica in
> Berlin, Germany.
> Including this dataset will give an additional plus of information I
> believe.
> Hack on,
> /astera

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