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Bytemarks Cafe is a tech talk radio show based in Honolulu Hawaii (Hawaii Public Radio). They cover the local scene every wednesday. 
Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa are connected in with the local makerspace - Hi Capacity.
This week they picked up on SpaceGAMBIT for their Episode 215.
Here's the link to the show where they talk about SpaceGAMBIT starting at about 9:00 to 12min marks.


nice bit... heavily hawaii focused but that is their beat.
I know the Hi Capacity folks well (helped get em going initially) and have seen the UHManoa CubeSat folks.
I had forgotten about the Mars Analog HI-SEAS program where NASA/UH are planning to put people into a habitat on Big Island for 4 months and study how the food selection affects them ...
That program will start in early 2013.  I have reached out to Kim Binsted of UHManoa about the program (as suggested in the program)

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