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On 09/24/2012 02:56 PM, Jerry Isdale wrote:
> Welcome Doctor!

Hello.  Just unlurked for a moment.

> work done outside USA is perfectly valid and not subject to ITAR 
> directly.  As I understand it there are issues with UScitizens 
> working on it but...

Those issues are many, varied, and... I have no idea.  Whenever the
D-4 come up, I call the lawyer that specializes in this and wait for a

ITAR regulations are sufficiently complex that trying to armchair
quarterback it is not a good idea at all.  A lawyer that knows ITAR
should be contacted and briefed on the project.  I'd also suggest
reaching out to your DARPA PoC and asking for assistance because they
should probably have explained this stuff up front.

> An interesting parallel is the DIYDrone folks. Their work and 
> manufacturing is done in Mexico and published as Open Source, so
> the guidance etc of the drone sidesteps ITAR neatly.  It is also
> interesting that usgovt folks love the diydrone stuff and use it
> heavily.

They do?  The folks I've spoken to hadn't even heard of it, but it
probably wasn't their job to pay attention to drone-type stuff.  I
know the FAA's not a happy camper right now, but that's due to
deployment too close to restricted areas and not the actual existence
of open source drones.

Off-topic stuff follows: See next message if you're not interested.

> How's Byzantium coming along?  I havent tried it since it failed
> to

Busy.  Getting ready to present at a conference.

> boot on my macbook pro, but have given away disk to our local maui

We think we know what's wrong, but could you open a ticket in our
bugtracker on Github so we can document it along with the fix?

> wifi guru (the one who gives us net access via a 8mile RF link
> from his house to our space.)

Excellent.  What does he think so far?

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