[SpaceProgram] DARPA Grant Awarded.... Stay Tooned for details!

Alex Cureton-Griffiths alexcg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 03:05:30 CEST 2012

Been thinking long and hard about how to respond to this. Basically: WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I'm skipping around the house, singing zippedy doodah and playing air guitar to Blur's Song No. 2 (aka the woohoo song)

For the kick-off meeting, do we suggest a time to DARPA or do they "suggest" a time to us?

On 20 Sep, 2012, at 1:12 AM, Jerry Isdale wrote:

> Ok folks ... ITS ON!
> This morning I got the official Award Letter from DARPA.
> They have accepted and awarded us the grant for the Hackerspace Space Program.
> Its only 1/2 the full funds, but that is the first year funding.
> I am not entirely sure where things go next, but the official Kickoff Meeting should be schedule soon.
> Basic plan:
> 1) Schedule and Attend Kickoff Meeting (expected to be in Washington DC Area)
> 2) Determine Organizational Structure of SpaceGAMBIT (org that will administer program)
>    this is rather huge project with legal/financial stuff- any pro bono lawyers want to help?
> 3) Incorporate and staff SpaceGAMBIT
> 4) Start working on grant RFI to hackerspaces
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