[SpaceProgram] Article: Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon

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Putting supercomputer on moon is way beyond our budget and not likely to be one of our goals, but interesting idea nonetheless. A lot of work to do on infrastructure tech first, which could have many wider applications

In fact, Chang isn’t the first person to propose putting a big data processing facility on the moon. Back in 2004, researchers at Space Systems Loral described something called the Lunar Data Cache — an extraterrestrial backup system that would keep businesses online in the event of a Sept. 11, 2001-type terrorist strike somewhere on Earth. The Loral proposal also described a few way-out moneymaking ideas such as lunar rover-deployed billboards, robotic rock-heaving contests, robot wresting, and rover races piloted by NASCAR drivers.

Clearly, the business of dreaming up supercomputers in space is not for those who think small.

Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon

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