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Jerry Isdale jerry at mauimakers.com
Sat May 5 20:18:52 CEST 2012

Aloha Claas

Very interested to hear of your group's program.  There are a couple others as you noted.
The one Ricky (xinchenjian.com), PsyTek (alphaOneLabs.com) and I are involved with is the "Hackerspace Space Program", which is a developing US Govt DARPA funded project.  You can read more about it from the links in my mail list post ... http://lists.hackerspaces.org/pipermail/spaceprogram/2012-April/000169.html

I'd recommend joining that discussion list and adding your comments.
The basic idea of this program is to distribute Grant $$ to hackerspaces working on education and research 'to further humanity's survival'  on earth and in space.  We are in the very early contract negotiation stage but when it gets rolling it will be a good way to get funding for small projects.  

I looked for your FBook page but nothing turned up.  Can you send me a direct link?  Does Fbook segregate groups by geographic/national region?

Jerry Isdale

On May 5, 2012, at 2:07 AM, Claas Ziemke wrote:

> Open call for participation!
> Hi everyone,
> i found the mail addresses here => http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hackerspaces_Global_Space_Program
> i am a memeber of ther german hackerspace shackspace => http://shackspace.de
> currently there is a group of interested hackers in germany starting what we call the "Hacker Space Program"
> quite similar to what you propose in the wiki article. i see a lot of hackers talk about space projects, but
> also i recognize that they are poorly connected but a lot of projects have similar goals.
> i would love to see people getting together and talking about their projects and to create a central repository
> of hacker space projects.
> my personal goal in this effort is to collect as many projects as possible which all should have some space
> relevancy and more important are OPEN-SOURCE. i want to compile a database of open-source hardware designs
> which can be used to build space hardware.
> any comments?
> also join our newly created facebook group named "Hacker Space Program"
> if you are not the intended receipient, please forward this mail to the according persons or give me a hint
> where to go...
> greetz,
> claas

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