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Hello Claas

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Claas Ziemke
<der_stuttgarter_25 at hotmail.de>wrote:

>  Open call for participation!
> Hi everyone,
> i found the mail addresses here =>
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hackerspaces_Global_Space_Program
> i am a memeber of ther german hackerspace shackspace =>
> http://shackspace.de
> currently there is a group of interested hackers in germany starting what
> we call the "Hacker Space Program"
> quite similar to what you propose in the wiki article. i see a lot of
> hackers talk about space projects, but
> also i recognize that they are poorly connected but a lot of projects have
> similar goals.
> i would love to see people getting together and talking about their
> projects and to create a central repository
> of hacker space projects.

You can see some of our documents so far in this GDocs folder:


> my personal goal in this effort is to collect as many projects as possible
> which all should have some space
> relevancy and more important are OPEN-SOURCE. i want to compile a database
> of open-source hardware designs
> which can be used to build space hardware.

Sounds like a worthy endeavor! I think we'd all be supportive of such a
thing.. Do you need anything particular to get started? A wiki page or
Google Docs would be sufficient to start with I guess?

> any comments?
> also join our newly created facebook group named "Hacker Space Program"

Facebook is not accessible in China so I don't use it. Interestingly, G+
still works on mobile...

if you are not the intended receipient, please forward this mail to the
> according persons or give me a hint
> where to go...

+cc: the mailing list spaceprogram at lists.hackerspaces.org

> greetz,
> claas

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