[SpaceProgram] List of Hackerspace Space Projects

Alex Cureton-Griffiths alexcg at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 16:13:44 CET 2012

I'm building a list of space projects being put together by
hackerspaces/fablabs/similar organisations to include on the wiki
Also, any potential partner projects run by other organisations would
be useful to know about. When we have a full idea of what projects are
going on it may be easier to work on common goals.

So far:

* Lunar Numbat - moon rover - CCHS, Melbourne, Australia
* Spacebridge - project to document steps for stratospheric deployment
platform - San Francisco
* Growing food in self-contained environments - Xinchejian, Shanghai
* Vertical engine vehicle with new mode of propulsion - Alpha One Labs, Brooklyn
* Maui Makers - extra-terrestrial habitats/industrial systems - Hawaii
* Sustainable living lab(?) - Singapore

Projects being planned
* Cubesat testing equipment - Xinchejian, Shanghai
* ???

Potential partners?
* Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence/Icarus Interstellar
(winners of 100YSS)
* Chaos Computer Congress - Germany - working on Hackerspace Global
Grid satellite network
* Copenhagen Sub-Orbitals - open source access to space - suborbital
launch and vehicles

Let me know if anything I've missed or if you have any other thoughts

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