[SpaceProgram] 100 Year StarShip (100YSS) Symposium Sept 13-16 Houston Tx

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 19:24:44 CEST 2012

The 100Year StarShip Organization is the organization that was selected and funded by DARPA under the BAA our Hackerspace Space team originally proposed to last fall.  They are having their first public meeting under the contract  Sept 13-16th in Houston Texas.

I have decided to attend to find out how their program is shaping up, and to meet a number of people supporting such a long term development.  It is not clear how Open this 100YSS org is (open to others, doing open source, etc.) but there are definitely going to be a good number of interested/interesting people attending.  There is a strong probability that I may actually get a few minutes of podium time to talk about hackerspaces too.

The symposium itself is not that expensive as tech conferences go ($250).  There are some 'special events' like friday and saturday dinners, that are extra cost and IMHO too expensive ($150, $300 respectively).

One interesting connection is Joe Ritter, the Track Chair for Destinations and Habitats.  Joe is not a member of the 100YSS organization but is a very strong proponent of Open Source -- indeed he is on the advisory board of the Open Source Starship Alliance (www.StarshipAlliance.org).   He is also Lab Director of the Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, which is located about 10 miles from my home here on Maui.

Jerry Isdale
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