[Hacker-event-theory] Thoughts on the 30c3?

Eelco Hotting eelco at hotting.nl
Wed Jan 8 12:43:49 CET 2014


I've been there and had a great time. 

Spoke to a lot of people and attended a few big talks. Also, became an Engel and did quite some shifts, to see how that compares to NL.

When talking to people I focussed on the subject of this mailinglist, getting feedback on OHM2013, expectations for the future and insights on the cultural and social changes in our community, in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

I've learned a lot, especially on the relationship between the German and Dutch community. Also, I've observed some general patterns in how the community seems to develop due to the large influx of newcomers.

For CCC Congress it might become a problem that they grow so fast, resulting in lack of individual agency and a starting detachment between management and minions. 

Lots to do based on the visit to Germany. For NL we'll write down the things we learned and want to change, and will certainly share with this list and others.


On 8 jan. 2014, at 08:16, Nick Farr <nick at nickfarr.org> wrote:

> Just to get the discussion back underway: Who was at the 30c3?  What
> were your thoughts on the event?
> I have some other posts that I'm still stewing on myself...to be
> written when I catch up from the 30c3. ;)
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