[Hacker-event-theory] turning feedback from ohm into learning points

Rejo Zenger rejo at zenger.nl
Sat Apr 5 23:42:53 CEST 2014

++ 05/04/14 22:28 +0100 - Amran:
>apologies for jumping in, but security is one reason. if our event took
>place near an urban area, we would have had to have more security (fencing,
>security guards) to stop opportunist thieves

Of course. But that's the case when the event is visible. If it's not, 
there still needs to be some security and fencing, but not to the 

>more importantly, i suspect our culture implicitly demands it due to its
>needs (autonomy, TAZ (vrijplaatsen)) which wouldnt be served as well near
>built up areas

That's the more interesting point: I don't see why you don't want to 
build such an place in a more urban area. Actually, one of those places 
I know of, is located in a city (unfortunately in Dutch only):

  "Een van de bekendste projecten van Atelier Van Lieshout is de 
  oprichting van AVL-Ville, 2001, een culturele vrijstaat in de haven 
  van Rotterdam, met een eigen grondwet en een eigen zelfvoorzienende 
  economie, met landbouw, medische zorg en een restaurant, maar ook een 
  werkplaats voor wapens - de vrijstaat had immers ook een leger nodig."

That's located in Rotterdam-West, far from being remote.

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