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have you seen http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hacker_Event_Design_Patternsyet?

I moved some of our previous discussion points up there.  (I've had zero
feedback so far)

and that's a lot of feedback. I may comment on it later.  some of those are
definitely solvable via patterns.

I'm sure car park piet would like to add a pattern for transportation
to/from site...
On 2 Apr 2014 22:05, "Rejo Zenger" <rejo at zenger.nl> wrote:

> Hi!
> So, I thought of attempting to turn the feedback of OHM into lessons
> learned. More difficult than expected, as, for a lot things, I don't
> recall the situation at for example the CCC Camp two years ago.
> Some things are very clear:
>  - during buildup and teardown
>    - power should be available during buildup as soon as possible and
>      during teardown as possible
>    - toilets (and possibly showers?) should be available during buildup
>      as soon as possible during teardown as possible
>    - water should be available during buidup as soon as possible during
>      teardown as possible
>    - portacabin should be available during buidup as soon as possible
>      during teardown as possible
>  - volunteer
>    - volunteer desk should be (in) the center of the camp
>    - internet should be available during buildup in the vicinity of NOC
>      only and to NOC-staff only elsewhere
>    - event may end on friday, so there are two more days for volunteers
>      without volunteers taking additional days off (initial loss of
>      participants shouldn't be a problem, there are more than enough
>      visitors)
>    - teams should be mixed of NL and DE volunteers, site takes
>      precedence
>  - sanitary requirements
>    - sinks to do the dishes should be available (there were some, for
>      sure, but possibly not enough?)
>  - financial
>    - expences made during the event should be registered in a system
>      right away (preferably, there is a system that allows the volunteer
>      to enter the details in the system themselves and have the
>      volunteer attach a scan of the invoice immediatelly)
> More general, this should also get some attention:
>  - Internal communication (as in, between the teams, etc) and
>    organisation.
>  - Policy on sponsor deals. Suggestions for the criteria for accepting
>    deals, no-go's, how to setup a deal (e.g. do you need to put
>    something on paper), etc.
>    At Bits of Freedom we have a policy that may be useful. We do accept
>    sponsoring in natura if it's something we really need (e.g. hardware
>    for a server, etc). Nothing is done in return, allthough the donation
>    may be mentioned in the yearly report. Of course, we accept monetary
>    donations from companies, but only if i) the donation is small enough
>    (it shouldn't be a considerable amount of the budget), ii) it's not
>    from companies that may lead to a lot of discussions (we have turned
>    down offerings of companies like Fox-IT and Google in the past) and
>    iii) the donations may not be earmarked. For all monetary donations
>    we require an agreement to be signed in advance, making sure we
>    maintain our independency. Donations from companies are mentioned in
>    the yearly report (only if large enough with logo). Supporting
>    companies are mentioned on our website, but not prominently.
>    We may also have a look at the CCC for this?
>  - Characteristics and quality of the field. For example, it should be
>    compact, but not dense, it should have attractive and distinct
>    landmarks like trees, hangars, etc. Think of additional spaces
>    needed, like parking lots and possibly other designated areas.
>  - Food. Mostly guidelines only, although availability of vegetarian
>    food can be a requirement (including diversity) and something on the
>    food for volunteers.
>  - Policy on cars of visitors: cars on terrain, location of parking lot.
>  - Transportation between storage at hackerspaces and field should be
>    better, I can't tell what is needed.
>  - Communication of programm changes. Not sure how to solve this. Low
>    tech would be some kind of announcement boards on a number of fixed
>    locations (near the entrance of each tent, at the infodesk, at the
>    food court, etc). This is something the IFFR has solved this. More
>    high tech solutions are possible as well.
>  - Four messages of feedback were mentioning the OHM-coins. Ditch them.
>    Don't know about the alternative - apart from regular money.
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