[hackerspaces] A Toxic Truth: Children’s Exposure to Lead Pollution

Markos markos at c2o.pro.br
Fri Jul 31 17:02:02 CEST 2020

Hi Friends,

A problem to motivate future hacker projects:

*6.1 million *The estimated number of homes in the United States that 
still get their water supply from lead pipes, according to a new report 
from UNICEF.

The report, which estimates 1 in 3 children worldwide have elevated 
levels of lead in the blood, said that lead in water is a common source 
of contamination.

Lead can be especially dangerous when exposed to children, who absorb 4 
to 5 times more of the lead that enters their bodies than adults.

Elevated blood levels can potentially have lifelong socio-economic 
implications for children, the report said, including educational 
outcomes, violence, future wages, and children’s social and economic 
potential in life.

/Report UNICEF : 


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